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Table 1 Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria and Search Strategy for PubMed

From: A systematic review: the dimensions to evaluate health care performance and an implication during the pandemic

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Search Strategy (MeSH terms and keywords) for PubMed
Population Health care organization which offers a primary, secondary, or tertiary health care or medical services such as (clinics, entire hospitals, or hospital's department), without restriction to the ownership or administrative type Laboratories, pharmacies, biobanks, radiology departments, hospice homes and medical education centers, unless they were department or unit in the previously included institution types hospitals[MeSH Terms]
hospital department[MeSH Terms]
health[MeSH Terms]
Intervention Performance assessment of health care organizations through explicitly implementing BSC, or implicitly assessing the perspectives described in the initial BSC design [6] Studies which explicitly used other TQM tools such as the MBNQA, ISO, SQA, six-sigma, etc "quality indicators, health care"[MeSH Terms]
scorecard*[Text Word]
"score card*"[Text Word]
Outcome Full reporting of indicators measurements or values No reporting or partially reporting of indicators measurements or values patient satisfaction[MeSH Terms]
cost–benefit analysis[MeSH Terms]
health care costs[MeSH Terms]
Hospital personnel management[MeSH Terms]
staff development[MeSH Terms]
knowledge management[MeSH Terms]
efficiency, organizational[MeSH Terms]
Study design All study designs _ No limitation regarding study design, type or time was set in the search strategy
  1. BSC Balanced Scorecard, TQM Total Quality Management, MBNQA Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, ISO International Organization for Standardization, SQA Singapore Quality Award, MeSH Medical Subject Heading