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Table 1 Sectors and examples of organizations and professional groups in the network

From: Intersectoral collaboration at a decentralized level: information flows in child welfare and healthcare networks

Sectors Examples of organizations and professional groups
1. Center for youth and family child and youth welfare and healthcare center
2. Municipal government youth care expert team, youth and family team, school attendance officers, youth/social support/community service/employment/safety/procurement & contracting departments of the municipal government
3. Basic social organization social work, welfare work, disabled support, youth and family support, library, food bank, refugee council
4. Education care coordinators primary and secondary education
5. General practitioners child and family doctors
6. Health and prevention child and youth health care center, infant welfare center
7. Childcare and nursery pre-school, child day-care center, nursery, after school-care including homework support
8. Specialized youth care youth mental health care, child and youth care, (forensic) psychiatry, orthopedagogy, psychology, disabled childcare
9. Protection & social rehabilitation youth protection, youth probation officers, juvenile social rehabilitation
10. Safety police officers responsible for juveniles, protection against child maltreatment, safe houses (crime prevention), public prosecution department, family & youth court, juvenile prison, childcare & protection board, community service supervisor
11. Volunteer organization Village or ward council, social policy advisory council, informal help for family or neighbors, community center, scouting/music/sport/leisure clubs