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Table 1 Responsiveness sample questions under each domain and item properties in the interview

From: Health system responsiveness and associated factors among outpatients in primary health care facilities in Ethiopia

Domains Sample questions Answer categories
Prompt Attention How would you rate the length of time spent at health care units waiting for consultation/treatment reasonable? 1. Never
2. Only sometimes
3. Usually
4. Always
Dignity/ respect How often did doctors, nurses, or other health care providers treat you with respect?
Communication How would you rate the health care provider’s explanation of things in a way you could understand?
Autonomy How often did health care providers involve you in deciding about the care, treatment, or test?
Confidentiality of information How often talked with your health care provider done privately so other people who you did not want to hear could not overhear what was said?
Choice How often health care providers did you have a choice between health care providers in the health care unit?
Quality of surroundings/ amenities How would you rate the basic quality of the waiting room, for example, space, sitting, and fresh air? 1. Very poor
2. poor
3. good
4. very good