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Table 1 Yield of follow-up efforts and reasons for dropout

From: Emergency department consultations for respiratory symptoms revisited: exploratory investigation of longitudinal trends in patients’ perspective on care, health care utilization, and general and mental health, from a multicenter study in Berlin, Germany

Patients n For lost to follow-up: % of 143 patients
Baseline survey 472
Follow-up survey 329
Lost to follow-up 143 100.0
Died 15 10.5
Could not be reached: moved with no forwarding address obtainable (incl. to other countries), invalid phone/e-mail, or not answering at multiple contact attempts 73 51.0
Patient reached and consented to follow-up, but did not return questionnaire 19 13.3
Patient reached, but refused to participate 36 25.2
Most frequent reasons stated:
 Language barrier 12 8.4
 Time constraints 6 4.2
 Health status 6 4.2