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Table 2 Overview of reported specific initiatives within the five identified strategies used by MSC’s to address physicians’ professional performance

From: Building organisations, setting minds: exploring how boards of Dutch medical specialist companies address physicians’ professional performance

1. Monitoring and managing performance 2. Building a collective mindset 3. Prof. selection & onboarding 4. Improving occupational well-being 5. Harmonising working procedures
Individual and group performance appraisals Continually emphasising shared goals Introduction programs Offering social support Harmonising medical protocols and guidelines
Soft signal systems Appointing specialty group representatives with a collective mindset New recruitment and selection methods (e.g. 360 degrees feedback) Referring to professional help Harmonising well-being practices and policies
Specialty group visits Company drinks and party’s Monitoring the need for vacancies within specialty groups Initiating occupational well-being programs Offering insight in MSCs policies and practices relevant to all members
Assisting specialty group representatives Introducing a company website and newsletter Buddy systems for new members Career path polices Codes of conduct for all members
Role modelling Changing the physical setting of meetings to involve members Checking the qualifications of new members rigorously Flexible working (less night shifts, hours) Offering to facilitate insurance for all members
Speaking-up to members about their performance     
Financial compensation or sanction     
Mediation trajectories     
Remediation trajectories     
  1. Note: The presented initiatives can serve multiple goals and strategies but are depicted under the most relevant strategy