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Table 2 Principal component analysis

From: Patients’ perspective on supposedly patient-relevant process and outcome parameters: a cross-sectional survey within the ‘PRO patients study’

  Parameters highly loading on only one factor Total variance explained
Two-factor analysis with parameters related to body and mind Factor 1:
-mental health
-cognitive performance
-sleep behavior
-self-perceived physical function
-physiological function
Factor 2:
-symptom relief
-pain relief
Two-factor analysis with parameters related to personality and social life Factor 1:
-positive body image perception
-disease control
-disease-specific quality of life
Factor 2:
-working ability
-ability to perform sports
-ability to fulfill social roles
Two-factor analysis with Parameters related to diagnosis and care processes Factor 1:
-clear therapeutic decision
-confidence in therapy
-satisfaction with care
-optimal support
-reliable diagnosis and therapy
Factor 2:
-avoidance of hospitalization
-avoidance of reoperation / revision