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Table 2 The efficacy of the program for people after stroke in the health authority (hospital) and community centre

From: Evaluating the impact of a training program to support transitioning from the hospital to the community for people after stroke: a community case study

  Health Authority (Hospital) Community Centre
Efficacya Data from third iteration (baseline n = 11)
(mean change and 95%CI)
TUG −2.6 s (− 6.7 to 1.5) p = 0.2
10 Meter walk (− 1.6 s) -4.3 to 1.1, p = 0.23
Berg Balance Scale 4.3 (0.9 to 8.5) p = 0.05
One participant stopped using mobility devices. Three did not require physiotherapy at end of FAME.
Clients accessed physiotherapy service, albeit in a group format, an average of 31 days earlier than they were able to get in for 1:1 PT.
Changes in Short Physical Performance Battery (n = 16)
1.6 (− 0.8 to 4.0)
p = 0.17
Two participants stopped using mobility devices.
  1. aThere were four missing data points treated with imputation by last value carried forward