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Table 1 Information on health outcomes and utilisation of health care resources of patients from HC-FMUSP. Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2018

From: Impacts of bariatric surgery in health outcomes and health care costs in Brazil: Interrupted time series analysis of multi-panel data

Variable Components
Health outcomes Anthropometric measures (weight and height);
Hemodynamic measures (blood pressure);
Biochemical exams (cholesterol and fractions, triglycerides, insulin, glucose-linked haemoglobin, and fasting glucose).
Health care costs Outpatient health care:
• Appointments with health professionals;
• Clinical assessment;
• Diagnostic exams.
Inpatient health care referring to intervention (bariatric surgery) and obesity-related procedures pre-and post-intervention:
• Hospital length of stay;
• Type of surgery;
• Inpatient procedures;
• Use of resources including the operating room, medication, meals, human resources, hemodynamic and biochemical exams.