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Table 5 Test of mediating effectsc for LAS and OC

From: Promoting organizational vision integration among hospital employees

Hypothesis Effecta Mediating factor Direct effecta Indirect effecta Mediating effectb
H4 IMOC → OVI OC 0.157*** 0.154*** Complementary
H7 LAS → OVI OC 0.153*** 0.091*** Complementary
H8 IMOC → OC LAS 0.288*** 0.075*** Complementary
H9 IMOC → OVI LAS 0.157*** 0.214*** Complementary
  1. a ** p < 0.05, *** p < 0.01 are significance levels
  2. b The effect between IMOC and OVI (H4) was influenced twice by the mediating factor OC, and we have a double-mediation analysis [34]. The same applied for the effect between IMOC and OVI and the mediating factor LAS (H9). The total indirect effect is then the sum of the specific indirect effects
  3. c Mediation by bootstrapping method [33]