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Table 3 Constructs (i.e., IMOC, LAS, OC, and OVI) and claims used in the study

From: Promoting organizational vision integration among hospital employees

Construct Claims label Claims
IMOC IMOC1 Employees have the opportunity to discuss their needs with management.
IMOC2 Training is seen in the context of individual needs.
IMOC3 Management spends time talking to their employees when needed.
IMOC4 Management wants employees to enjoy their work.
IMOC5 Management shows a sincere interest in any problems faced by employees.
IMOC6 Management understands that personal problems may affect my performance.
IMOC7 The division’s policies help meet employees’ individual needs.
IMOC8 Management meets regularly to discuss issues related to employees’ challenges.
LAS LAS1 My leader gives me authority over issues within my area.
LAS2 My leader listens to me.
LAS3 My leader encourages me to take initiative.
LAS4 My leader is concerned that my work is goal-oriented.
LAS5 My leader instils motivation.
OC OC1 I am proud to tell others that I work here.
OC2 I feel I belong to this organization.
OC3 I feel personally attached to my organization.
OC4 I envision a career at this organization.
OC5 I want to continue my career here.
OVI OVI1 The management has informed me about the company’s vision and aim.
OVI2 I am familiar with the organization’s vision and aim.
OVI3 I am conscious of doing my job in line with the company’s vision and aim.
  1. Note: IMOC Internal Market-Oriented Culture, LAS Leadership autonomy support, OC Organizational commitment, OVI Organizational vision integration