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Table 2 Determinants of CQR-IR development identified in focus groups and interview

From: Stakeholder views of the development of a clinical quality registry for interventional radiology: a qualitative study

COM-B components TDF domains Specific factors identified as determinants for CQR-IR development Potential intervention functions
 Capability Knowledge Knowledge about CQR rationale Education about CQR
   Knowledge about implementing CQR Training in registry development and use
 Motivation Goals Aims of CQR Education about CQR
  Beliefs about consequences Benefits and costs Participant persuasion
  Professional role  Role boundaries of radiologists and radiographers Participant persuation and incentivising 
  Beliefs about capabilities Registry user-friendliness Participant incentivising
  Optimism Organisational culture Enabling teamwork and mutual engagement
  Emotions Resistance, stress Enabling teamwork and mutual engagement 
 Opportunity Resources Staff, financing, time, management support Environmental restructuring
  Social influences Associations