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Table 4 Estimated Difference-In-Difference for 120-day pre/post discharge for medical care for ACC compared to control group

From: Optimizing care coordination to address social determinants of health needs for dual-use veterans

Outcomes Difference-In-Difference Estimate 95% Confidence Interval p-value
Number of ED visit 1.05 0.84, 1.31 0.66
Number of Hospitalization 0.84 0.69, 1.03 0.09
Number of PCP visit 1.02 0.87, 1.19 0.79
  1. ACC Advanced Care Coordination, ED Emergency Department, PCP Primary Care Physician
  2. When compared to a control group, for the number of ED visits, hospitalizations, and PCP visits there are no significant differences in the results between the ACC intervention group and the control group on their pre/post intervention trend. However, for the 120-day number of hospitalizations the control group had an increasing trend pre/post intervention and the ACC intervention group had a decreasing pre/post intervention trend. This difference in trend was not significant (p = 0.09)