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Table 3 Results of the measurement model for the constructs internal market-oriented culture, collaboration climate, work engagement, service quality of care, turnover intention and job satisfaction

From: Precursors and outcomes of work engagement among nursing professionals—a cross-sectional study

Construct Question items Loading RRC AVE
“Rule of thumb” > 0.4 > 0.7 > 0.5
Internal market-oriented culture (IMOC)   0.962 0.679
 Employees have the opportunity to discuss their needs with management. 0.831*   
 Training is seen in the context of individual needs. 0.738*   
 Management is being encouraged to meet to discuss issues concerning their employees. 0.821*   
 I believe management will spend time talking to me when I need it. 0.765*   
 Management understands the needs of employees. 0.898*   
 Management wants employees to enjoy their work. 0.861*   
 I believe that management shows a sincere interest in any problems I have doing my job. 0.896*   
 I believe that management understands that personal problems may affect my performance. 0.776*   
 The division’s policies help meet employees’ individual needs. 0.856*   
 Management meets regularly to discuss issues related to employees’ challenges. 0.823*   
 If an employee from my department is faced with a serious problem, the managers in my division are notified immediately. 0.681*   
 Management works hard to accommodate employees’ needs. 0.907*   
Collaboration climate (CC)   0.892 0.594
 It is easy to talk with everyone in my division, regardless of rank or position. 0.716*   
 Employees like interacting with those from other departments. 0.706*   
 There is little conflict between departments in the divisions. 0.743*   
 Employees from different departments are available to help each other when needed. 0.704*   
 There is open communication between the departments. 0.897*   
 The departments in our division cooperate well with each other. 0.836*   
Work engagement (WE)   0.851 0.671
 I am so into my job that I lose track of time. 0.720*   
 This job is all-consuming; I am totally into it. 0.936*   
 I put my soul into my job. 0.770*   
Service quality of care (SQC)   0.928 0.810
 In my view, I offer good patient service. 0.933*   
 In my view, I offer patient services of very high quality. 0.879*   
 In my view, I offer the patients a high degree of service. 0.886*   
Turnover intention (TI)   0.874 0.697
 I often think about resigning from my job. 0.850*   
 It would not take much to make me resign from my job. 0.817*   
 I will probably be looking for another job soon. 0.837*   
Job satisfaction (JS)   0.933 0.782
 If a good friend of mine was interested in a job like mine in this organization, I would strongly recommend it. 0.865*   
 My job is the sort of job I wanted when I took it. 0.896*   
 If I had to decide all over again whether to take a job in this organization, I would. 0.868*   
 Overall, I am satisfied with my current job. 0.908*   
  1. * p < 0.05. RRC Raykov’s reliability coefficient. AVE Average variance extracted