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Table 1 Two contrasting cases: CLCC (public mission) and clinic (private for-profit)

From: Governance tensions in the healthcare sector: a contrasting case study in France

Contextual and organisational factors CLCC CLINIC
Status Public, but close to public structures such as university hospitals (care, research and teaching missions) Private care mission
Connection entity Member establishment of Unicancer federation of 20 establishments Establishment of the Elsan group which is the leading operator of private clinics in France
Location Conurbation of of more than 290,000 inhabitants Town of 25,000 inhabits
Organisational specifity Specialist in the management of cancerous pathologies Model of care for cancer patients Multi-specialty community medicine and surgery
Number of related professionals 724 staff members including 102 doctors 212 staff members: 62 doctors and 150 non-medical staff (care staff, administrative staff, etc.)
Annual number of patients treated 32,000 8000