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Table 4 Thematic structurea

From: Transformational Change in maternity services in England: a longitudinal qualitative study of a national transformation programme ‘Early Adopter’

Best rules Blend designated and distributed leadership
Establish feedback loops
Attend to history
Engage physicians
Involve patients and families
Maternity transformation policy elements Choice and personalisation
Safer care
Perinatal mental health
Neonatal care
Multiprofessional working
Electronic patient record
Cross boundary working
Payments, personalised maternity care budgets
The transformation programme Structure and organisation
Funding and resources
Targets and vision
Local innovations
Support and sharing learning
Capacity and time to transform
Use of theory and evidence
Approach to health inequalities
Interdependencies and uncertainty
  1. aIncludes themes relating to the Best rules, and additional themes from the wider evaluation, which are not reported in this paper