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Table 1 NDSS program categories and evaluation tiers

From: The design of an evaluation framework for diabetes self-management education and support programs delivered nationally

Category Indicators addressed Programs Tier Evaluation process
Comprehensive DSMES ∙ Knowledge and understanding
∙ Self-management
∙ Self-determination
∙ Psychological adjustment
OzDAFNE (type 1 diabetes)
DESMOND (type 2 diabetes)
3 ∙ Measures of empowerment and reduced diabetes distress.
∙ Highest cost-per-head and lowest reach but most opportunity for behavioral impact.
∙ Complex evaluation, involving pre, post and 3-month follow up surveys.
Topic Specific DSMES ∙ Knowledge and understanding
Plus, at least one of the following:
∙ Self-management
∙ Self-determination
∙ Psychological adjustment
Living with Insulin
Pump Workshop
Ready Set Go, Let’s Move
2 ∙ Measures of knowledge, confidence, empowerment, and resilience.
∙ Higher cost-per-head and lower reach with opportunity for behavioral impact.
∙ Evaluation less complex than tier 3, involving pre- and post-program surveys.
Basic Education ∙ Knowledge and understanding General diabetes information.
Sessions and events for people with, or at risk of, diabetes.
1 ∙ Measures of knowledge, awareness, and engagement.
∙ No anticipated behavioral impact.
∙ Includes post-evaluation only.