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Table 1 Dimensions of access to care

From: Adolescents’ perceived barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive health services in California: a cross-sectional survey

Penchanksy and Thomas’s dimensions of access Survey item
Availability: volume and type of services to meet the clients’ needs Lack of access: It would be easy for me to go to a clinic1
Accessibility: location of the services and how easily the clients can reach the location, including cost and travel time
Accommodation: how services are organized (including appointment systems, telephone services) and the clients’ perception of their appropriateness Confidentiality of services: I would be worried about getting sexual health services because my parents/guardians, family, sexual partner, or friends may find out
Test results: I would be worried about test results
Affordability: the prices of services and insurance requirements compared to the clients’ ability to pay Cost of service: I would be worried about cost
Acceptability: clients’ preferences for the personal characteristics and attitudes of providers Judgment by staff: I would be worried that clinic staff may judge or disrespect me
Discomfort talking with staff: I would feel comfortable talking with clinic staff about my sexual health and questions
Awareness: client knowledge and awareness of existing services through effective communication and information strategies Lack of knowledge about visit: I know what to expect if I go to a clinic
  1. 1A single question operationalizes the dimensions of availability and accessibility, because they overlap conceptually