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Table 1 Eligibility criteria and PICO

From: Community-based support for children who are next-of-kin for a parent experiencing illness or disability – a scoping review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria PICO
Children from 0 to 17 years Children from the age of 18 years P: Children who are next-of-kin of parents in the event of illness: has a congenital or acquired illness or disability (physical or mental) including substance and gambling abuse
• Support to children of a parent who has a congenital or acquired illness or disability (physical or mental) including substance and gambling abuse • Non-identifiable illness
• Parents in forensic care
• Parents in prison
• Community based support, online support/interventions or equal, facilitated by health professionals or social care staff
• Support offered to the individual child or as a family intervention or support offered to a parent with the aim of developing specific parental skills beneficial for an infant’s development. The studies should be included if they have a clearly described/determined child-foucused outcome.
• Well-defined support
• Support given or organized by schools and non-health and social work staff
• In-care support services
• Hospital-based support
• Foster-care, custody-related interventions
• Family interventions if no specific child-focused outcome
• Parent-focused interventions without child-focused outcome
• Undefined or non-specific support
• Support related to bereavement
I: Interventions regarding support for children
O: Children´s preferences/needs and outcome of interventions regarding support for children from community health service
• Articles published from 2009 to 2019 English and Scandinavian languages • Articles published outside the period 2009–2019
• Articles in other languages
C: Study design
• Empirical studies, theoretical papers (models) and reviews, if having a very similar focus on children
• Quantitative studies: with outcome on child level
• Qualitative studies: narratives from children describing what would have been valuable support (in a present or previous situation) and what was regarded as valuable support from the community health services; observations from professionals and parents with explicit focus on child outcomes
• Mixed methods studies: see above (qualitative and quantitative study focus)
• Editorials,
• Conference abstracts,
• Dissertation abstracts,
• Study protocols
• Review articles, with other aim than ours
• Outcomes which are not child focused
• Articles using IMRAD structure Studies where the IMRAD structure is missing, Non-articles, for example published dissertations