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Table 2 Service development initiatives in social care settings

From: Recognition of risk and prevention in safeguarding of children and young people: a mapping review and component analysis of service development interventions aimed at health and social care professionals

Study Setting Professionals involved Type of service Type of evaluation Findings related to awareness
Appleton 2015 [13] Local authority Social workers Strengthening Families child protection conference Before/after Most professionals thought approach worked well but families perceived they were being judged
Ashley 2017 [14] City LSCB area Social workers and others with safeguarding responsibility FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) Cross-sectional FMEA was valuable for participants and generated actions to improve response
Firmin 2016 [15] Local authorities Social workers Contextual social work interventions N/A (summary of published research) Interventions that take account of context may improve safeguarding
Gupta 2010 [16] Social care system Social workers and other practitioners Improved recognition and safeguarding of trafficked children Review of research and cross-sectional (interviews) Need for improved training and deployment of staff, better interprofessional working and collection and sharing of data
Harris 2017 [17] Voluntary sector child sexual exploitation (CSE) services Multiple groups
Child protection professionals and CSE workers
‘Hub and spoke’ model, including training for professionals Cross-sectional Hub and spoke model improves standards in local
safeguarding by extending the reach of training and resources
Heikkila 2011 [18] Social care system (UK and other European countries) Social workers and police Examples of police and social workers working together, including school safety initiatives Cross-sectional Shows importance of networks between practitioners and multicultural skills
Hurley 2015 [19] Social care system Social workers and others working with Romanian children International Multi Agency Assessment Framework (IMAAF), a tool to prompt professionals to consider safeguarding issues related to trafficking Evaluation of the IMAAF was in progress at the time of the report. IMAAF encourages agencies to work together within and between countries to safeguard trafficked children
Peckover 2017 [20] Local authorities Multiple groups
Practitioners working in domestic abuse and safeguarding
Development of multiagency working in domestic abuse and child safeguarding Cross-sectional Need for further improvement in multiagency working to safeguard children
Pinkerton 2015 [21] Health & Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland Multiple groups
Agencies dealing with ‘looked after’ children
Review of cases of ‘looked after’ children who had repeatedly ‘gone missing’ and were at risk of sexual exploitation Cross-sectional Improved awareness of ‘going missing’ as a possible indicator of sexual exploitation needing a multiagency response
Whiting 2008 [22] Local authority Multiple groups
Nurses, health visitors (including ‘health specialists’), social workers and managers
Health specialist initiative (health visitors seconded to child protection teams) Cross-sectional The health specialist was successful in improving communication, increasing social workers’ knowledge of child health and strengthening assessments made in social care.