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Table 2 Overview of themes and subthemes

From: Consideration factors of older adults seeking medical treatment at outpatient services in Taiwan

Theme Subtheme Description (numbers of coding)
Care of doctors Professional competence in medicine Doctors had good medical skills to solve my problems (15)
I rely on and trust the doctors’ abilities (6)
  Doctor–patient communication Doctors inquired carefully (9)
Doctors had kind and genuine attitudes (5)
Doctors would respect my opinions (11)
  Consultation time There was enough consultation time (10)
  Caring attitude Doctors had caring attitude (3)
Doctors would give me personal care (4)
Care of other medical professionals Professional care Professional care from nurses (10), pharmacist (11), and health educators (6) were also important parts of outpatient services
  Care attitude Care attitude from nurses (7), pharmacist (4), administration staff (10), and volunteer (3) also influenced older adults’ experience
Accessibility and convenience of outpatient services Inconvenient transportation in rural areas Transportation was an important concern (10), and inconvenient transportation in rural areas was one of barriers for medical care (7)
  Convenience of registration Older adults used on-site (7), telephone (3), and internet (5) registration, and convenience of registration was an important concern (10)
  Waiting time Older adults did not want long waiting time (8) and would like aged-priority consultation (6)
Environment and equipment Advanced and innovative medical facilities Older adults preferred advanced and innovative medical facilities (5)
  Excellent barrier-free equipment Older adults needed the convenience of parking (6), the adequacy of courtesy wheelchairs (4), and the large size of signs (10)