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Table 2 Impact of the information shock on health care use

From: Utilization of health care services before and after media attention about fatal side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine: a nation-wide register-based event study

  Primary Care Inpatient specialist care
Period after March 11th β St. err. % Relative diff (β) Relative diff (St. err.) β St. err. % Relative diff (β) Relative diff (St. err.)
First week 8.2*** 0.35 66 2.8 0.2 0.15 20 12.9
Second week 8.1*** 0.53 65 4.3 0.8*** 0.22 66 18.6
  1. Notes: Differences-in-differences estimates for the change in daily health care use per 1000 persons for different health care services before and after March 11th for HCWs vaccinated the past 14 days. In primary care reimbursement codes 2ad, 2ak, 2ae is used to identify consultations at general practitioner or emergency ward. All models control for age and sex. Standard errors (St. err.) are clustered on individuals. The pre-period (health care utilization after vaccination the two weeks prior to March 11th) is reference period in all regressions. In addition to the presentation of results as absolute differences per 1000 persons, relative differences (i.e., in percent) are also presented, calculated by dividing the absolute estimate (and corresponding standard error) for each of the post periods by the health care use rate of the comparison group in the pre period (and multiplying with 100)
  2. Significance levels: * < 0.1; ** < 0.05; *** < 0.01)