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Table 2 The telemonitoring applicationsa

From: Health care professionals’ experiences of how an eHealth application can function as a value-creating resource - a qualitative interview study

  Telemonitoring application 1 Telemonitoring application 2
Number of departments using the application 2 3
Patient diagnosis Heart failure Heart failure, diabetes, hypertension
Patient generated health data Blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen saturation, temperature Blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen saturation, temperature, physical activity, blood glucose level
 - Chat Yes Yes
 - Video meetings Yes No
 - Alerts No Yes
 - Support from distributor Support for HCPs, not for patients Support for HCPs and patients
 - Medical devices Stationary in patient homes Mobile
 - Ability to send images and links No Yes, for HCPs
 - Integrated with the medical record system No No
  1. aWeb portal application for HCPs and mobile application for patients