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Table 2 Implementation Measures for Early Implementation Assessment of TennCare’s MTM Pilot Program

From: The Tennessee Medicaid medication therapy management program: early stage contextual factors and implementation outcomes

Outcome Individual measures How measured When measured
• Perceptions about other determinants of implementation (inner setting, process, individual characteristics) • FIM survey instrument
• IAM survey instrument
• AIM survey instrument
• Interview covering CFIR domains
• Early (pre-implementation to first 3 months)
Adoption • MTM sessions delivered • Number of claims submitted to MCO • Early (first 6 months)
  1. FIM Feasibility of Intervention Measure
  2. IAM Intervention Appropriateness Measure
  3. AIM Acceptability of Implementation Measure
  4. HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
  5. MCO Managed Care Organization