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Table 3 Variables

From: Overbooking for physical examination considering late cancellation and set-resource relationship

Variable Description Data type
Age Age of the consumer Numerical
Gender Gender of the consumer Categorical
Booking Date The date when the consumer books an examination Date
Booking Type The way the consumer makes a reservation (in-person, online, or other) Categorical
Examination Date The date the consumer receives health examination Date
Examination Set The examination set chosen by the consumer Categorical
Price Price of the examination Numerical
Group Size Number of people booking together Numerical
Cancellation Date The date of cancellation (if applicable) Date
Appointment Lead Time Number of days between booking date and examination date Numerical
Gastroscope Whether the examination includes gastroscope or not Categorical
Holiday Examination 1 if the examination is in a national holiday or 0 otherwise Binary
Group Booking 1 if the group size is at least two or 0 otherwise Binary
Last-minute Booking 1 if the appointment lead time is no greater than seven days or 0 otherwise Binary
Late Cancellation 1 if canceled within seven days of the examination date or 0 otherwise Binary