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Table 4 Patient navigator interventions with a focus on various chronic diseases and multimorbidity

From: The role of patient navigators in ambulatory care: overview of systematic reviews

Skill-mix interventions Outcomes
Details of the intervention Profession(s) Population Countries Patient-related outcomes Health-system related outcomes Source
Patient navigation interventions addressing patients with one or multiple chronic conditions (e.g. appointment scheduling, reminders, mobilize social support, education, liaison with providers) Intervention: Lay persons, peers, professional workers
Not reported
Patients with diabetes, CVD, HIV/AIDS, CKD, dementia, or multiple (including socially disadvantaged patients) US, CA, ZA • Improved clinical patient outcomes
• Improved mortality rates for HIV patients (non-significant)
• [12]a
Patient navigation intervention to address barriers in chronic care (e.g. education, referrals, social and emotional support, supporting self-management) Intervention: case managers, community health workers, public health nurses, health coaches
Not reported
Patients with diabetes, HIV, kidney failure (mostly from vulnerable communities) US, ZA • Improved adherence to recommended care or visits
• Improvements in disease-specific patient outcomes
• Fewer hospitalizations and ED visits for patients with diabetes • [33]
  1. asystematic review covering various patient navigator interventions with focus on different diseases and therefore listed in three tables; CKD chronic kidney disease, CVD cardiovascular disease, ED Emergency Department, HIV/AIDS human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; Country abbreviations: CA Canada, US United States of America, ZA South Africa