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Table 4 Categories and definitions of interventions (adapted from Ruotsalainen et al. [24]).

From: ‘Fix the issues at the coalface and mental wellbeing will be improved’: a framework analysis of frontline NHS staff experiences and use of health and wellbeing resources in a Scottish health board area during the COVID-19 pandemic

Category Definition Example
Cognitive behavioural Interventions that aim to change how participants think, feel and consequently behave in stressful situations. Telephone support line for staff, staff debrief
Physical and mental relaxation Interventions that aim to induce a state of mental or bodily calmness, or both, to counteract the agitation caused by stress. Yoga, mindfulness session, table tennis, silent disco
Organisational Interventions that change resources, the working environment, work tasks or working methods. Parking space, changing rooms, break areas, canteens