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Table 1 Examples of the interventions implemented by the health board in response to COVID-19 pandemic

From: ‘Fix the issues at the coalface and mental wellbeing will be improved’: a framework analysis of frontline NHS staff experiences and use of health and wellbeing resources in a Scottish health board area during the COVID-19 pandemic

Organisational interventions
Facilities (Free parking, hot food available on nightshift, additional break spaces)
Communication (COVID briefing, move to virtual meetings)
Compliance with public health measures (Signage, social distancing, Perspex screens)
Organisation of clinical settings (Introduction of red and green areas, flexible work patterns)
Technology (Move to Microsoft Teams, virtual consultations, telephone triage)
Physical and mental relaxation interventions
Yoga and exercise
Massage and complementary therapies
Art therapy
Silent disco
Wellbeing hubs / rest areas
Wellbeing apps
Mindfulness and breathing awareness training
Cognitive behavioural interventions
Psychological and counselling services
Team check-ins/huddles
Telephone helplines
Self-care resources