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Table 1 Overall main entrance HealthWISE walkthrough risk assessment findings

From: Organizational factors associated with health worker protection during the COVID-19 pandemic in four provinces of South Africa

Main pedestrian and vehicle entrance to the health facility
Prevention Measures Question % of facilities deemed adequate % of facilities requiring improvement Comments
Ventilation Is outdoor ventilation adequate? 53 47 All outdoor entrances had good natural ventilation.
Is indoor ventilation adequate? 0 100 No mechanical ventilation, windows & doors not open.
Administrative measures Are patients social distancing? 54 46 Majority of staff not social distancing
Are staff social distancing? 33 67 In the bigger facilities there were more security guards at the gate and there was lower likelihood of no social distancing.
Are there markings for social distancing? 13 87 There were limited markings for social distancing
Is furniture positioned for social distancing? 23 77 There was no rearrangement of furniture to allow for social distancing even when space allows
Are there posters or information leaflets about COVID-19? 24 76 There were few COVID-19 posters in most of the facilities across the PDoH and when present did not address health workers but patients..
Is there an area with water and soap to clean hands? 22 78 Lack of water basin and soap in certain areas particularly Province A was an issue but overall there was water and soap.
Are there hand sanitizers in all entrances and exit points? 86 14 There seems to be huge investment in hand sanitizers
Is waste properly segregated? 0 100 Majority of the facilities only had general waste bins and were not prepared for medical waste (SARS-CoV-2).
Are COVID-19 waste management boxes 0 100 This was almost non-existent in the majority of facilities.
Personal Protective Equipment Are workers wearing appropriate PPE? 18 82 At the entrance of the facility we expected surgical masks but majority of personnel were wearing cloth masks. There were also a few health workers who were wearing cloth mask inside the hospital. Since PPE is critical for this pandemic and investments have been huge, the facilities should train workers and supply appropriate PPE
Are they wearing PPE correctly? 11 89 The surgical mask was sometimes below the nose and not covering both mouth and nose
Are the staff wearing the same clothes from home, during work and back home? 0 100 Since may carry SARS-CoV-2 fomites on clothing, it is advisable that health workers change clothes to PPE on arrival and change back to their clothing when departing work.
Do you think there is adequate PPE? 82 18 Generally, there was some form of PPE available