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Table 2 Most frequently coded themes and their subthemes on how the pandemic affected the daily lives as reported by clients (n = 9) during phone interviews of Safe Home Care COVID-19 qualitative study

From: “It changed everything”: The Safe Home Care qualitative study of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on home care aides, clients, and managers

Themes Subthemes Frequency coded
Fear of risk of infection • Going out only when necessary
 o Feeling worried and being more alert when going out
 o Washing clothes each time after going out
 o Food shopper does the groceries
• Concerned about being a carrier and spreading the virus
• Washing hands more often
Less physical connection with others • Physical distancing guidelines
• Communicating on the phone more than seeing each other in-person
• Unable to interact with other residents like before pandemic
• Family member can no longer assist with compression stocking removal
Little change prior to pandemic • Did not go out much prior to pandemic
• Calls and visits from family to check in/ help out
• Neighbor visits and wears a mask
• Client continues receiving treatments at hospital
Telehealth use • Video telehealth technology not commonly used
 o Connection problems
• The phone is the most used communication tool
 o Communication with HC-service case managers, nurses
Wearing masks • Client wears a mask for medical appointments
• Client cannot wear a mask due to the health condition
• Difficulty hearing others speak
• Difficulty reading lips when HC aides and other people wear masks
  1. Coding frequencies (n = 9): *** 5 or more participants; ** 2–4 participants.