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Table 2 Synoptic table of the categories of key questions addressed in the interviews

From: Causes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis from the perspectives of health providers: challenges and strategies for adherence to treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil

Analytical categories Empirical categories
The impacts of social determinants of health for the occurrence of MDR-TB - High social vulnerability;
- Homeless people;
- Deprived of liberty;
- Low educational level;
- Inadequate food;
- Legitimate drugs and illicit drugs
Strategies for adherence and achieving equity - Social benefits as a way to improve nutrition;
- Social benefits like “bargain” for treatment;
- Basic basket as a facilitator for the treatment;
- Financial assistance for transport;
- Directly observed treatment.
Challenges for adherence and equity among patients in a context of the syndemic brought on by COVID-19 - Patients with MDR-TB may be more susceptible to COVID-19;
- COVID-19 as an obstacle to the follow-up of MDR-TB treatment.