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Table 1 Semi-structured script of interviews with health professionals

From: Causes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis from the perspectives of health providers: challenges and strategies for adherence to treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil

1. What is a normal day at your work like? What actions do you take? Can you describe a little of your activities in assisting patients with resistant TB? How much time in this role?
2. When talking about MDR-TB, what are its causes?
3. How has your experience been with caring/assisting patients with MDR-TB? What were the difficulties encountered?
4. In your personal experiences, can the economic, social and educational levels of patients influence the illness? What have you experienced in your daily life?
5. Can the difficulty of patients’ access to the health system contribute to the development of MDR-TB? Do you think that the organization of services can influence the treatment and development of MDR-TB?
6. In your personal experience, have conditions, such as chronic diseases, alcohol consumption, smoking or use of other substances, influenced this outcome?
7. Are health services prepared to deal with the problem of MDR-TB?
8. Does the social protection network (family grant, social benefits, and basic food basket) impact the individual with MDR-TB? How does the presence or absence of these benefits influence MDR-TB cases?
9. In your opinion, what can be done to prevent MDR-TB cases in the state of São Paulo?
10. In your opinion, how would an assistance network for people with MDR-TB be provided?
11. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, do you think this will interfere with the morbidity and mortality picture from MDR-TB? Why?
12. In your opinion, what advances have been achieved so far for the control of MDR-TB?