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Table 2 Examples of midwives’ expressions, their substantive codes and the category or sub-categories

From: Midwives’ strategies for coping with barriers to providing quality maternal and neonatal care: a Glaserian grounded theory study

Original quote Substantive codes Category/sub-category
“Seeing the mothers alive with their babies … that is the greatest motivation I have”. Being motivated by the desire to save lives Being motivated
“it is my contribution to my community and my society”. Being motivated by the affection for the profession
“We don’t have a [number] lot of equipment to work with. Every day we improvise”. Improvising in the face of insufficient equipment Improvising
“We tear a pillowcase to receive the baby to prevent the baby from chilling”. Improvising in the face of insufficient supplies
“if you do not keep an eye on the client, by the time you realise, [something is wrong]. Maybe the heart rate is gone”. Pre-emptive action to prevent negative outcomes Being one step ahead
“We [the midwife and the woman] will go first, then you [client’s family or accompanying persons] will follow”. Proactive action to avoid negative outcomes
“I contact my more experienced midwives. They support”. Support from colleagues Maintaining a support network
“[Your husband may say], “Ok, it will be well. Let’s hope for the best”. Family support