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Table 4 OLS regression analysis of length of stay (LOS) at MCO and SSR facilities

From: Measuring hospital spatial accessibility using the enhanced two-step floating catchment area method to assess the impact of spatial accessibility to hospital and non-hospital care on the length of hospital stay

 Predictor variables Coefficient Std Error
  [Composite_APL]_non-hospital −1.141*** 0.201
  [ISA_MCO]_hospital −.283** 0.087
 Observations 240
 R2 0.134
 VIF < 1.17
 Predictor variables Coefficient Std Error
  [Composite_APL]_non-hospital −1.379*** 0.118
  [ISA_SSR]_hospital .045 0.069
 Observations 239
 R2 0.082
 VIF < 1.13
  1. ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001; MCO Medical, Surgical and Obstetrics, SSR Postoperative and Rehabilitation Care, Std Error Standard deviation Error, [Composite_APL]_non-hospital: Built from Localized Potential Accessibility to general practitioners, home-visiting nurses and physiotherapists using principal component analysis; [ISA_MCO]_hospital: index of spatial accessibility to SSR facilities; [ISA_SSR]_hospital = index of spatial accessibility to SSR facilities