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Table 1 Description of the dependent and independent variables used in this study

From: Measuring hospital spatial accessibility using the enhanced two-step floating catchment area method to assess the impact of spatial accessibility to hospital and non-hospital care on the length of hospital stay

VARIABLES DESCRIPTION Category of facilities
Dependent variables
 LOS_MCO/ LOS_SSR The mean hospital stay length in MCO or SSR of elderly people (≥75 years of age) relative to the total ≥ 75-year-old population Hospital
Independent variables
 ISA_MCO/ ISA_SSR Index of spatial accessibility to MCO and SSR facilities Hospital
 APL_GPs Localized Potential Accessibility to general practitioners Non-hospital
 APL_Nurses Localized Potential Accessibility to home-visiting nurses Non-hospital
 APL_Physiotherapists Localized Potential Accessibility to physiotherapists Non-hospital
 Composite_APL Built from APL_GPs, APL_Nurses and APL_Physiotherapists
using principal component analysis
  1. MCO Medical, Surgical and Obstetrics, SSR Postoperative and Rehabilitation Care