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Table 4 Summary of determinants that increase the probability of membership in each healthcare utilisation profile, according to Andersen’s Behaviour Model of Healthcare Utilisation

From: Driving factors for the utilisation of healthcare services by people with osteoarthritis in Portugal: results from a nationwide population-based study

  Determinants HighUsersa GPUsersa
Predisposing Characteristics Age Being Younger
Geographic Location Live in Portugal Mainland Live in Portugal Mainland
Live in the centre region
Enabling Factors Healthcare insurance Additional healthcare coverage
Employment status Being employed
Need Variables Comorbidities Higher number of comorbidities Higher number of comorbidities
Quality of life Worse HRQoL
Physical function Worse physical function
Anxiety symptoms More anxiety symptoms
Physical Exercise No regular physical exercise No regular physical exercise
  1. NHS National Health System, HRQoL Health Related Quality of Life
  2. aReference Cluster: LowUsers