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Table 1 Key indicators for (MDR) TB incidence and the MDR-TB treatment program of the NTP in four Sub-Saharan African countries

From: Baseline assessment of pharmacovigilance activities in four sub-Saharan African countries: a perspective on tuberculosis

Country TB incidence per 100,000 population (2017) [16] MDR-TB incidence per 100,000 population (2017) [16] Number of MDR-TB treatment centers (2018) Number of MDR-TB patients (period) [16] Number of MDR-TB patients receiving NDR (period)
Eswatini 308 31 13 702 (2018) 276 (2018)
Ethiopia 164 5.2 50 716 (2018) 110 (2018)
Nigeria 219 12 28 1786 (2017) [16] 33 (2017)
Tanzania 269 2.9 75 145 (2018) 129 (Nov 2017-Jul 2018)
  1. The MDR-TB treatment centers usually initiate DR-TB treatment; once patients are stable on treatment, they are referred to satellite centers in all countries (except for Eswatini) to complete their treatment. In Ethiopia and Tanzania, patients have to visit the satellite center daily to receive treatment, while community-based treatment occurs in Eswatini and Nigeria. During their treatment, monthly checkup visits are scheduled at a DR-TB treatment center (Eswatini, Ethiopia, and Tanzania) or in a satellite center (Nigeria) in which specimens are collected to assess treatment response and other laboratory tests may be performed to check for adverse events