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Table 1 Example interview questions

From: Facilitators and barriers to post-discharge pain assessment and triage: a qualitative study of nurses’ and patients’ perspectives

Model Domain Example Interview Questions
  Provider Perspective How important do you think it is to do a follow-up call with patients after they are discharged from the hospital? (provider interview)
  Patient Perspective Would you like someone from the hospital to give you a follow-up call after you were discharged from the hospital? (patient interview)
  Provider Characteristics What sorts of challenges have you or your team experienced with this procedure (making the follow-up phone call)? (provider interview)a
  Patient Characteristics Was there anything you felt most challenging during the days after you were discharged from the hospital and before your recent readmission to the hospital? (patient interview)
 Implementation and Sustainability Infrastructure In addition to the follow-up phone call, are there other programs or protocols used in your practice to help the transition of patients from inpatient settings to outpatient settings? (provider interview)
Coleman’s Care Transition Model
 Provider follow-up Did anyone from the hospital follow up with you about your condition within the first week after you were discharged from the hospital? (patient interview)
 Symptom management Was there any reason that you did not talk to a doctor about this change (new pain)? (patient interview)
  1. a This question can also assess barriers related to external environment and infrastructure