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Table 6 GEE modelling for intervention effect on immunisation status and on intermediate outcomes in children aged 12–18 months in intervention and control groups

From: Impact of universal home visits on child health in Bauchi State, Nigeria: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial

Outcomes Proportion(n/N) Robust OR (95% CI)
Intervention Control Modelled with intervention alonea Modelled with other characteristicsb
Primary outcome
 Fully immunised 0.498 (894/1795) 0.468 (2389/5103) 1.80 (0.82–3.95) 1.67c (0.78–3.57)
Intermediate outcomes
 Mother thinks it is worthwhile to immunise children 0.971 (1712/1763) 0.970 (4913/5065) 1.25 (0.52–2.98) 1.52c (0.59–3.91)
 Mother discusses immunisation with spouse and family 0.930 (1644/1767) 0.922 (4705/5105) 1.73 (0.69–4.32) 2.57c (0.79–8.36)
 Mother involved in decision about immunising the child 0.262 (469/1789) 0.143 (730/5094) 1.77 (0.89–3.54) 1.77c (0.89–3.54)
  1. OR Odds Ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval
  2. a The GEE model for each outcome included only the intervention with ward as cluster
  3. b The GEE initial saturated model for each outcome included the intervention with other variables potentially related to the outcome shown in Table 3, as well as ward as cluster. The variables remaining in the final model for each outcome are shown in Additional file 3
  4. c The OR and 95% CI are those from the initial GEE model including the intervention with other variables; the intervention variable was not in the final model