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Table 2 Trial flow of participants

From: Impact of universal home visits on child health in Bauchi State, Nigeria: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial

  Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Total
Intervention group
 Live birthsa 1859 1365 4018 N/A 7242
 Deathsb 2 17 6 N/A 25
  < 12 monthsc 0 0 3765 N/A 3765
 Lost to follow-upd 816 818 22 N/A 1656
 Net for analysise 1041 530 225 N/A 1796
Control group (pre-intervention)
  N/A 1250 2923 936 5109
  1. a The number of children born during the first year of the intervention in each wave. As expected from the larger number of households in wave 3, there were more live births during the first year of intervention in wave 3 than in the equivalent period in wave 1 and wave 2
  2. b The number of children that died soon after birth or before they reached 12 months old
  3. cThe number of children born during the first one year of intervention in the wave who had not reached 12 months old by the time of the end of the overall project fieldwork, so did not have outcomes measured. This only occurred for children born during the intervention period in wave 3
  4. dThe number of children eligible for measurements who did not have the follow up visit to make the measurements. The reasons included: some households moved away from the ward; in some areas there was a high turnover of female visitors and by the time new workers could complete the follow-up the children were over 18 months old; and in some areas security concerns limited the ability to make the follow-up visits
  5. e The net number of children included in the intervention group for the analysis is the number of live births minus the deaths, minus the < 12 months, and minus the lost to follow up