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Table 3 Associations between number of pain sites/health anxiety and number of healthcare contacts for any reason (All-contacts), healthcare-related costs (All-costs) and number of musculoskeletal healthcare (MSK-contacts)

From: Number of musculoskeletal pain sites leads to increased long-term healthcare contacts and healthcare related costs – a Danish population-based cohort study

N = 4883 All health care seeking Musculoskeletal health care seeking
Variable Number of contacts(All-contacts)
Adjusted IRR (95% CI)
Costs (All-costs)
Adjusted IRR (95% CI)
Number of contacts (MSK-contacts)
Adjusted IRR (95% CI)
Number of pain sites at baseline with pain intensity> 2/7 (0–7) (a) 1.04 (1.03–1.05) 1.06 (1.03–1.08) 1.11 (1.09–1.14)
Health anxiety (a)    
- Low score
- High score
1.06 (1.01–1.11)
1.09 (0.99–1.20)
1.02 (0.92–1.12)
  1. Detailed description and footnotes
  2. a: Adjusted for: Sex, age, duration of pain, level of education, comorbidity, personality traits (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness), risk of depression, marital status, physical job exposure and previous healthcare utilization