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Table 6 Frequency of interactions between registered dietitians and pharmacists based on the state of utilization of occupational abilities

From: Questionnaire survey investigation of the present status of dietetic consultation at community pharmacies from the perspectives of registered dietitians and pharmacists

Item Not able to fully utilize occupational abilities Able to utilize occupational abilities P value
Ask the pharmacist about the patient’s disease for dietetic consultation 35.3% 66.7% 0.059
Ask the pharmacist about the patient’s medication for dietetic consultation 41.2% 83.3% 0.012
Ask the pharmacist about the patient’s laboratory test data for dietetic consultation 24.2% 41.7% 0.254
Refer to medication record prepared by pharmacists during dietetic consultation 51.5% 75.0% 0.158
A pharmacist suggests/requests a dietetic consultation by a registered dietitian for patients 51.5% 100.0% 0.003
Report the contents of dietetic consultation to pharmacist after the consultation 54.5% 75.0% 0.215