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Table 2 Timing and/or situation that triggered dietetic consultation

From: Questionnaire survey investigation of the present status of dietetic consultation at community pharmacies from the perspectives of registered dietitians and pharmacists

Item Number (%)
A patient consulted at the time of presenting prescription 11 (25.6)
A patient consulted while waiting for medication 33 (76.7)
A patient consulted at the time of payment 27 (62.8)
A visitor who did not have a prescription consulted 15 (34.9)
Registered dietitian approached the patient 22 (51.2)
Pharmacist recommended the patient to consult registered dietitian 33 (76.7)
Others 3 (7.0)
  1. Numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage out of the 43 respondents who conducted dietetic consultation in daily work