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Table 6 Current status results at the waiting area of various examination items in the system simulation

From: Data analysis of ambient intelligence in a healthcare simulation system: a pilot study in high-end health screening process improvement

Queue Waiting time (min) Number Waiting
Height, weight [D] 0.1126 0.0055
Vision and hearing [E] 0.0971 0.0047
Blood pressure measurement [F] 0.0985 0.0048
Blood Drawing [G] 0.1058 0.0051
ECG [H] 0.0804 0.0038
Abdominal ultrasound [I] 0.0507 0.0024
Cardiac ultrasound [J]a a15.4203 0.6852
Low-dose CT scan of the lungs [K]a a8.7374 0.3952
Coronary angiography [U] 0.5673 0.0033
Gastrointestinal endoscopy [L]a a35.2242 a1.5535
Thyroid ultrasound [N] (Male) 0.0338 0.0008
Thyroid ultrasound [N] (Female)
Plus female breast ultrasound [O]
0.0335 0.0007
Consultation at Division of Ophthalmology [Q] 0.3249 0.0139
Consultation at Division of Otolaryngology [R] 1.4155 0.0597
Consultation at Division of Gynecology and Obstetrics [S] 0.5135 0.0096
Consultation of Division of Urology [T] 0.5854 0.0146
  1. adenotes that the waiting time exceeded 5 minutes and that the examination stations were regarded as bottleneck stations