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Table 3 Names and codes of various examination items including simulation data distributions and expressions

From: Data analysis of ambient intelligence in a healthcare simulation system: a pilot study in high-end health screening process improvement

Code Examination Items (min) Data distribution Expressions
A Check-in at the front desk NA NA
B Changing health examination clothes (dressing) Uniform UNIF (5,10)
C Confirmation of data, completion of a questionnaire Uniform UNIF (15,20)
D Basic measurement of height and weight Erlang 1 + ERLA (1.23,2)
E Vision and hearing Erlang 0.999 + ERLA (0.546,2)
F Measurement of blood pressure Exponential 0.999 + EXPO (0.626)
G Blood drawing Erlang 0.999 + ERLA (1.06,3)
H ECG examination Lognormal 1 + LOGN (3.42,1.37)
I Abdominal ultrasound Lognormal 1 + LOGN (2.88,2.52)
J Cardiac ultrasound Gamma 1 + GAMM (1.41,5.12)
K Low-dose computed tomography of the lung screening Uniform UNIF (5,10)
L Gastrointestinal endoscopy with anesthesia Uniform UNIF (15,30)
M Endoscopic anesthesia recovery Uniform UNIF (15,20)
N Thyroid ultrasound Lognormal 1 + LOGN (4.51,3.04)
O Female breast ultrasound or monograph Beta 0.999 + 29aBETA (1.35,2.55)
P Lunch Uniform UNIF (10,15)
Q Consultation with ophthalmologist Lognormal 1 + LOGN (1.99,1.64)
R Consultation with otolaryngologist Lognormal 1 + LOGN (3.64,3.16)
S Consultation with gynecologist and obstetrician Erlang 1 + ERLA (1.2,4)
T Consultation with urologist Lognormal 1 + LOGN (4.51,2.66)
U Low-dose computed tomography of the coronary artery Uniform UNIF (20,30)
V Leaving the medical center after completing the examinations NA NA
  1. Data Distribution and Expression including, Uniform: UNIF (a, b); Erlang: ERLA (\( \frac{1}{\lambda },k \)); Exponential: EXPO (\( \frac{1}{\lambda } \)); Lognormal: LOGN (μ, σ); Beta: BETA (β, α); Gamma: GAMM (\( \frac{1}{\lambda },\alpha \))