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Table 1 Names of various examination rooms on the health screening space floor plan

From: Data analysis of ambient intelligence in a healthcare simulation system: a pilot study in high-end health screening process improvement

Room No. Space Name Room No. Space Name
1 Comprehensive Examination Room 15 Bone Density Examination Room
2, 3 Cardiac Ultrasound Room 16 X-ray Examination Room
4 Otolaryngology Room 17 Information/Consultation Station
5 Ophthalmology Examination Room 18 Vision and hearing Examination
6 ECG Room 19 Questionnaire Completion Station
7 Multifunction Examination Room 20, 21 Gynecology Examination Room
8 General Examination Room 22 Nursing Station
9,10 Abdominal Ultrasound Room 23 Blood Pressure Measurement
11 Gynecology Examination Room 24 Blood Drawing Station
12, 13, 14 Endoscopy Examination Room