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Table 2 Challenges of procurement practices in different procurement stages

From: The application and deployment of welfare technology in Swedish municipal care: a qualitative study of procurement practices among municipal actors

Procurement stage Generic category Sub-category (data extraction)
Planning and mapping Need analysis Difficult to meet the end-users’ needs
Ethical issues regarding privacy
Acquisition is not demand-centred
Need analysis is not done systematically
Requirement specification Difficult to set functional requirements for design
Specifying requirements requires skills
Market analysis Difficult to select the right product and suppliers
Procurement is not governed by end-users’ needs
Procurement Economic resources Lack of financial resources
Standardisation Lack of national strategy to implement welfare technology
Lack of standardisation
Lack of integration of welfare technology products
Health care responsibilities differ between municipalities
Interoperability Requirement for interoperability restricts the amount of suppliers
Implementation and management Supplier assessment Difficult to find a suitable supplier
Cross-organisational collaboration Need to hire external technical competence
Political strategy Lack of political strategy