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Table 1 Characteristics of Delphi and thematic analysis participants

From: Journey mapping as a novel approach to healthcare: a qualitative mixed methods study in palliative care

  Gender Team role Years fully qualified experiencea Dual specialist trainingb
Participant 1 Male Medical >15 -
Participant 2 Female Medical >5 -
Participant 3 Female Medical >5 Palliative medicine/ oncology
Participant 4 Male Medical <5 Palliative medicine/ general medicine
Participant 5 Female Medical >5 Palliative medicine/ oncology
Participant 6 Male Medical >15 -
Participant 7 Female Nursing >15 -
  1. aNumber of years since completing Advanced training and Chapter of Palliative Medicine (medical participants) or the number of years since completing certifications in palliative care nursing
  2. bAll participants are involved in hospice, acute palliative care inpatient, consult and community care