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Table 2 Use of healthcare resources, by type (sorted by utilisation rates)

From: A real-world economic analysis of biologic therapies for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in Italy: results of the CANOVA observational longitudinal study

Resource Number of patients using the resource (n) Proportion of patients using the resource
Frequency of resource use
(n per patient/year)
Specialist outpatient visits 655 97.9% 3.7
Tests/Procedures/Instrumental examinations 516 77.1% 6.5
GP visits 38 5.7% 0.1
Day-hospital visits 26 3.9% 0.1
Hospitalisations 9 1.3% NC
ED accesses 1 0.1% NC
  1. ED: Emergency Department; GP: General Practitioner; NC: Not Calculated