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Table 1 Pharmacy service definitions

From: Considerations of Australian community pharmacists in the provision and implementation of cognitive pharmacy services: a qualitative study

Term Definition
Community pharmacy services Every health service provided by a community pharmacy in Australia.
Professional pharmacy services “An action or set of actions undertaken in or organised by a pharmacy, delivered by a pharmacist or other health practitioner, who applies their specialised health knowledge personally or via an intermediary, with a patient/client, population or other health professional, to optimise the process of care, with the aim to improve health outcomes and the value of healthcare.” [2]
Cognitive pharmacy services (CPS) Pharmacy services where translation of pharmacist knowledge is the primary characteristic of the task, rather than medication supply [3].
Enhanced pharmacy services Services “within the current scope of community pharmacy practice and require no additional specific qualifications or credentialing, although additional training specific to that service may be part of its implementation” [4, 5].
Extended pharmacy services Services which are “an extension of the existing scope of community pharmacy practice and require additional credentialing education and qualifications”, such as vaccination [4, 5].
Community Pharmacy Agreement services Services funded by the Federal Government through five-year Community Pharmacy Agreements (CPAs), which are negotiated with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and recently the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. These services are usually restricted to certain populations by patient eligibility criteria, and funded per service quantity. This funding normally goes directly to a pharmacy organisation, rather than the pharmacist provider [3]. These services are abbreviated according to the CPA number: e.g. 7CPA services refers to Seventh CPA services.