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Table 4 Barriers loaded onto the two components that are named

From: Barriers to accessing health care among undocumented migrants in Sweden - a principal component analysis

Component 1: Afraid of being taken by the police/authorities. Component 2: Structural and psychosocial factors
Afraid the police would take me at the clinic/hospital There was no public transport, so I could not go there
Afraid of questions the staff would ask me in the clinic/hospital I thought the waiting time was too long
Afraid of being seen while going to the clinic and having someone call police/authorities I did not feel I needed medical care for my problem
Afraid of going to the clinic due to the risk of being reported to police/authorities while there Afraid someone I knew would realize that I was sick
I did not think I could seek medical care  
I did not think the staff would keep confidentiality about my ill health